5 Reasons Garfunkel’s Is The Best Place For Group Dining In London

5th November 2015

Are you heading in to London with a large group? Bringing a school trip to London? Organising an international visit to our capital city? Well, Garfunkel’s is your perfect place for group dining in London! 

1. We’re Close To London’s Top Attractions – With restaurants in London locations including Trafalgar Square, Covent Gardens, The O2, Leicester Square, The Strand and Paddington Station. You are never too far away from London’s top attractions, giving you endless opportunities to carry on your evening partying, or exploring, after enjoying your group dining in London at Garfunkel’s.

2. Book Group Dining In London With Ease – Making a booking for group dining in London couldn’t be any easier than with Garfunkel’s. We can even cater for large parties up to 125 guests, offering large group discounts, which you can enquire about here.

3. Discounted Menus For Great Value – For group dining in London, we also offer great value for money with our discounted menus. This doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on choice though, as we have a range of set menus that offer something for everyone.

4. Garfunkel’s Cater To Your Group Needs – Not only do our team offer great service, we can also tailor your group dining in London experience to your group needs. Whether you need a fast turn around, or are after a more leisurely experience, the Garfunkel’s team are on hand for the perfect group dining experience.

5. Enjoy A Lively Evening With A Busy City Backdrop – Our Garfunkel’s restaurant locations offer the ultimate group dining in London experience: a great combination of food, drinks and fun, with the buzz of excitement from the city not far behind in the background.

To make a group dining in London booking at Garfunkel’s, please submit your enquiry here.